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Bibliotheksordnung: English

Dear visitor,

we welcome you to the library of the Institut für Klassische Archäologie. We kindly ask you to consider the following regulations:

For a single visit you should write your name and address in the library’s guest book. It is placed on the table at the library’s entrance where you find the library’s supervisors (“Aufsicht”).

If you would like to use the library more frequently you should contact the secretary, Mrs Claudia Herkommer (room 213). She can provide you with either a white or a blue user card ("Benutzerkarte").

The white card enables you to access the library during the working hours of the supervisors. They are usually on duty from Monday to Friday, during the semester period (monday-thursday 10 am - 6 pm, friday 10 am - 4 pm) and in the vacation period from 10 am to 4 pm. You can enquire at the secretary if you are eligible for a blue card which allows you to use the library also beyond the official opening times.

If you want to take a book outside the library you should obtain permission from either the librarian (Ms Christa Kickbusch, room 216) or the library’s academic supervisor (Dr. Schröder, room 222). We kindly ask you not to photocopy long passages as it damages the books' spines.

You are entitled to use the scanner situated next to room 216 b. We kindly remind you to handle our books with great care!

If you need to use a set of books for a longer period of time you can request an "Apparat" with the librarian. This allows you to collect up to 8 books which you should place at a given numbered table. The librarian hands out up to 8 cardboards which show that table’s number. Each cardboard should be put in the place where the book is normally kept. Each cardboard holds a little pocket for a piece of paper on which you write the signature, the author’s name and a short title of the book in question. Please note: books of reference and dictionaries are excluded.

You can access the internet in the first three rooms of the library using either WLAN or the plugs hidden in the floor. If you face difficulties please consult Roy Hessing, room 215. We provide an online-catalogue https://opacplus.ub.uni-muenchen.de/ (our library code is “1201”). A plan of the library including the signatures and the room numbers is above the card-catalogue (the card-catalogue is outdated, please use the OPAC only). Plans of the individual rooms are on the door-frames. Our homepage is http://www.klass-archaeologie.lmu.de/

Please do not hesitate to ask a supervisor, the librarian, the library’s academic supervisor or the secretary if you have any questions.


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